Club Information

The Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin is a non-profit Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America. We are the 3rd chartered chapter of OCA and have been in continuous operation since 1977. Our goal is to preserve and enjoy the cars of Oldsmobile. Anyone owning or interested in, any year or model of Oldsmobile 1897 to present is welcome in our ranks. We host state and regional shows as well as membership meetings, parties, picnics and more. Our members are pleased to aid in the restoration and maintenance of your Oldsmobile.

Benefits of OCW Membership

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Meet with other Olds enthusiasts for needed parts, information and assistance

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Club picnic and Holiday Party

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Receive the bi-monthly OCW newsletter 

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Entitled to a few classified ads in newsletter

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Be listed in and receive free directory of all OCW members

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Membership Application

For the Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin membership application, Click here.

Mail application(s) to:  

Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin
5255 British Lane
Oshkosh, WI 54901

NOTE: You no longer need to be a member of the Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA) to join the Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin, but there are perks to becoming an OCA member. Journey with Olds magazine & Discounts from OCA on books and literature are part of OCA membership.

For an application to join the OCA Click here.  

Please handle your OCA application as listed on the OCA website. DO NOT send your application or dues to the Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin address listed above.

For new members...
Welcome to our Oldsmobile family.  This is just a summary of what you should expect from the club.  Your membership will go through the calendar year. If you signed up at one of our car shows, part way through the year…your membership will be good through that year also.  You should promptly get the most recent newsletter and then will follow the schedule of newsletters, which is normally bi-monthly, with a possibility of a special notice sent out as needed.   If you did not get a newsletter within a month, please contact Margie or Larry.

January Meeting:
In a normal calendar year, we have a meeting at our Treasurer’s home for whoever can make it, in January or February.  We will try to get as many dates secured for the picnic and car shows and go over any other items as needed for the upcoming year.

Holiday Party:
In the spring, we have our “Holiday Party” even though it is well past the Holidays.  Depending on where you live and where the party is hosted, many club members stay overnight both Friday and Saturday night.  Usually there is an informal get together on Friday evening where guests bring some snacks to share, and we just reacquaint ourselves within our Oldsmobile Family.    Saturday afternoon, there will be a brief meeting going over dates for the years events, finances of the club, and getting any committees set up, if needed for events such as the Quad State show, like we just had in 2022.  Saturday evening, we have a banquet…at no cost to you and your spouse/guest.  The club pays for your dinner(s), which is more than what your membership fee is for the year.  After dinner, there is an auction benefitting the club...remember, they just paid for your dinner.  Items being auctioned off, are items brought by you and other members.  They do not have to be specifically car related, but items that work best are general items and not specific, that more people would be able to use and the more interesting, and have a general use, the fun of bidding wars begin.   Please contact Greg or Connie Rothe with any questions regarding the “Holiday Party.”  

Dust Off:
Usually in mid-May, we have our “Gravel Fest” Dust Off picnic in the Hartford Auto Museum parking lot.  Dust off your show car (optional – daily drivers are fine too) and bring it for a casual picnic lunch and a short meeting.  There is a $5 charge per car for the meat portion of the meal supplied by the club.  The members bring a dish to pass and enjoy a nice afternoon.  The museum usually gives our club a discount and welcome us to visit the very informative and interesting museum.

Car Shows:
For the following three car shows, there is a $10 registration fee to be paid when you arrive at the car show field at the registration table.  These all currently have the same car classes and have 2 trophies per class.  All dates and classes are described on the flyers which will be published in our newsletters and handed out at the car shows.  The winners of the trophies are from participant votes.  A voting sheet will be handed out, one per paid registration.

  • In early June, there is a car show in Burlington at the Lynch dealership.   Our club supplies the food, which will be served by the Optimist club.  They will benefit from all food sales, not our club.
  • In mid-July, there is a car show in Appleton at the American Legion grounds.  The American Legion will have food available for purchase, and will benefit from all food sales, not our club.
  • In early August, there is a car show in Watertown at the Holz dealership.  Our club supplies the food, which will be served by the Optimist club.  They will benefit from all food sales, not our club.

Quad State Show:
In early to mid September is a Quad State show. It is a 2 day event hosted by one of four states - Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa. For this show, the car classes may be different than our normal participant judged shows. This show uses volunteers that judge the cars per OCA rules and trophies are given out at an awards banquet. Additional information will be posted in our newsletter and our website event calendar as soon as they are available.

October Meeting:
In October, we have our last meeting of the year, at one of our members storage facility and showroom.  He rents out storage spaces for the winter, so before it fills up, he hosts our meeting and we discuss the current years finances and go over any issues that had come up during the year and get some things discussed for the next years calendar, especially the winter meeting date and holiday party date and information.   Show cars are encouraged to be driven (weather permitting) but do not need to be driven to this facility.

If you have any further questions, please contact Bob Lang, OCW President.

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